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By Said F. Mughabghab Ph.D. MSc BSc

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The Atlas of Neutron Resonances offers special info on neutron resonances, thermal neutron go sections, and standard resonance homes that are vital to neutron physicist, astrophysicists, sturdy nation physicists, reactor engineers, scientists curious about activation research, and evaluators of neutron pass sections.* Compilation and assessment of the world's thermal neutron cross-sections and resonance parameters for neutron physicists, reactor engineers, and neutron evaluators.* Compilation and review of coherent scattering lengths for reliable kingdom physicists and evaluators* Compilation and assessment of normal 30-keV catch move sections for astrophysicists.* Nuclear point density parameters derived from common spacings of neutron resonances following a brand new procedure (new function for this edition).* short assessment of sub-threshold fission.* Comparisons of optical version predictions with neutron power functionality information and scattering lengths.* Estimation of regular E1 radiative widths at the foundation of the generalized Landau-Fermi liquid version (a new function for this edition).

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4 MeV. The dotted curve describing the trend at low atomic mass numbers is based on spherical optical model calculations using the same parameters. As shown, the optical model calculation adequately describes the general trend of the measurements. 6. Potential Scattering Length or Radius R' 21 and 142, are well reproduced. However, above mass number A = 220 the predictions of the optical model fall short of the experimental data. , the weak coupling model gives a better description of the scattering radii of the nuclei than the strong coupling model.

These represent the statistical, direct and semi-direct components respectively. 1 Statistical Aspects of Partial Radiative Widths At this point let us turn our attention to the statistical aspect of the radiative process. Because of the extreme complexity and random character of the initial state [132], \fT-yif {en) is normally distributed with zero mean and as a result the partial radiative widths populating a fixed final state, / , from various initial states i (resonances) obey the Porter-Thomas distribution [74].

Recent measurements of total cross sections with a polarized neutron beam and polarized targets of 141 Pr, 159 Tb, lfl5 Ho, 167Er and 169Tm by Alfimenkov and collaborators [120] indicated that the spin-spin interaction term in the deformed region is quite small. Analysis with a spin-spin interaction term included in the imaginary part of the potential yielded Wgg = 6 MeV for the absorptive spin-spin potential. 1. 2: S-Wave Strength Function Values of Isobars. All values from the present evaluation.

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