Alain Bensoussan, Jacques Louis Lions's Analysis and Optimization of Systems PDF

By Alain Bensoussan, Jacques Louis Lions

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53-57, 1978. R. Barmish, "Invariance of the strict Hurwitz property for polynomials with perturbed coefficients," tEEE Trans. Automat. , vol. AC-29, no. 10, pp. 935-936, I984. [5] S. Bialas and J. Garloff, "Stability of polynomials under coefficient perturbations," IEEE Trans. Automat. , vol. AC-30, no. 3, pp. 310-312, 1985. B. Argoun, "Frequency domain conditions for the stability of perturbed polynomials," IEEE Trans. Automat. , vol. AC-32, no. 10, pp. 913-916, Oct. 1087. M. Biernacki, H. P. Bhattacharyya, "Robust stability with structured real parameter perturbations," 1EEE Trans.

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Field a special the matrix. $~(a. t o be i n t e r p r e t e d defined B ) for ( @ e . @ ~ ) Is D e n o t e by not ones being is shown t h a t for which number of o p e n Riccati equation and p r e d i c t i o n functional the part: makes it framework of the the space = 52(B, {Se,S~,S~}, as f o l l o w s , is the LQ with square as a ), the (row) of s q u a r e integrable v and m a t r i x their {$e,SI,S~} In Rnxn, short Is is the L ~ ( [ a , b ] : R ~) and as t h e c o m p l e x of a m a t r i x $1 and in L ~ ( [ - b , O ] ; R n~n) and $~ is called - h ~ a ~ O.

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