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By M.P. Wiedeman (Auth.)

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3 1 . Pial circulation of the rabbit. The penetrating arterial vessels and the emerging venous vessels appear as circles on the surface of the brain. (Courtesy of Dr. S. ) VI. SPECIAL TISSUES A. Hamster Cheek Pouch Cheek pouches of the hamster are internal, bilateral sacks that lie beneath the skin and extend from a slit-like opening in the corner of the mouth down to the shoulder region, a distance of about 4 cm. The empty and relaxed pouch is approximately 3-5 cm long and 1 cm wide. 25 cm in width (Fig.

61 Diagram of a typical pattern from artery to vein in the hamster cheek pouch. measurement of systemic blood pressure from the carotid artery was 116 mm Hg. Numerous mast cells appear along the vessels as well as in the surrounding tissue. The pouch, by comparison with most other sites used in studies of the mic­ rocirculation, is extremely vascular. Artery to artery and vein to vein anas­ tomoses are prominent. It has not been possible to designate specific areas served exclusively by any of the numerous arteries.

Their structure and characteristic behavior differs only minimally from lymphatics in other mesenteric beds. The smallest lymphatics are thin-walled endothelial vessels that are much larger than the capillary vessels in the same tissue, having diameters between 25 and 50 μπι. The terminal lymphatic vessels are actually wider than the collecting venules, even though they are frequently referred to as lymphatic capillaries. Because this terminology seems inappropriate, it has been suggested that "terminal lymphatics" be used to refer to the lymphatic network that is involved in the exchange of materials in the interstitial spaces, while "collecting lymphatic channels" be used to designate the large vessels of 200 μπι diameter that are formed by confluences.

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