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Allen, K. , T o m a k a , J. and Kelsey, R. M . (1991) Presence of h u m a n friends and pet dogs as m o d e r a t o r s of a u t o n o m i c responses to stress in women. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 61, 582-589. 4. Barker, S. B. and Barker, R. T. (1988) The h u m a n - c a n i n e bond: Closer than family ties? Journal of Mental Health Counseling, 10, 46-56. 5. Berman, P. L. (1989) The Courage to Grow Old. Ballantine Books, New York. 6. Beyersdorfer, P. S. a n d Birkenhauer, D .

66 people w h o h a d been widowed within the previous 3 years. Siegel's ' study of medical visits by elderly people provided further evidence for the stress buffering hypothesis. When compared with non-owners, pet owners made fewer medical visits over the course of a year. A more pronounced effect was found when stressful life events during the 6 months before the study were considered. As shown in Fig. 5, non-owners experiencing stressful life events increased their medical contacts, whereas d o g owners with similar stressful events did not show a n increase.

1988) Availability of a n d involvement with pets by children: Determinants a n d correlates. Anthrozoos, 2, 45-52. 47. , Staats, S. a n d Partlo, C. (1992) Discriminating positive a n d negative aspects of pet interaction: Sex differences in the older population. Social Indicators Research, 27, 363-374. 48. Miller, M . a n d Lago, D . (1990) T h e well-being of older women: T h e importance of pet a n d h u m a n relations. Anthrozoos, 3, 245-251. 49. Mugford, R. A. a n d M'Comisky, J. G. (1975) Some recent work on the psychotherapeutic value of caged birds with old people.

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