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By Erika S. Fine

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ADR handbook for Judges and legal professionals.

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This high level of satisfaction was apparently attributable to individual litigants' satisfaction with the arbitration procedure itself. The ICJ found that most individual litigants have a simple definition of what constitutes a fair dispute resolution procedure: They want an opportunity to have their cases heard and decided by an impartial third party, an opportunity which is provided by arbitration. 24 institutionaJ Litigants' Perceptions. The ICJ found that institutional litigants in Pittsburgh were less concerned about the quality of the arbitration procedure than about its outcomes.

Mediation shall be a panel of three (3) lawyers who reside in the Western District of Michigan and have at least 5 years of practice. 64 ADR and the Courts 2. The Mediation Clerk shall maintain a list of mediators which shall have a minimum of fifty (50) persons at all times and shall be updated from time to time in order to maintain said number. The Mediation Clerk shall select the attorneys to be included on the list of mediators in a manner directed by the Judges of the Court. Copies of the list of mediators shall be retained by and shall be available at the office of the Mediation Clerk.

For good cause shown, a party may seek relief from this provision. 8. An award may be rendered by any two (2) of the three (3) mediators. 9. The Mediation Clerk shall be appointed by the Judges of the district. Procedure for mediation— 1. Time and place for hearing, notice—After a case has been assigned for mediation, the Mediation Clerk shall set the time and place for the hearing and send notice to the mediators and opposing counsel at least thirty (30) days before the date set. 2. Submission of documents—At least ten (10) business days before the hearing, all documents on questions of liability and damages shall be submitted to each mediator and opposing counsel, with proof of service to the Mediation Clerk.

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