Adamson Nucleus Biology (NUCL) - download pdf or read online

By D Adamson, Marston Bates

ISBN-10: 0582513022

ISBN-13: 9780582513020

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Or radicle. whic h is situated below it. The outside of the seed is covered by a hard layer called the testa. T his pro tects the seed from fungi . bac teria and insects . There is a small hole in the testa opposite the tip of the radicle. which allows water to enter the seed. This is called the micropyle. Now label the diagra ms below with these words : a) b) d) plumule epicotyl microp yle cotyledon radicle hypocot yl oj cotyledon stalk e) testa Longitudinal section f) g) h) i) Dicotyledon seed with testa removed 44 7.

A -- ~ B - -~ c - - ~ D A leads to D. ) B<- - - A Bf~~~:~:j~:~ lA. t ccurs as a result off Now co mplete these sentences. using an appropriate verb : a) A difference in wa ter co ncen tration on either side of the cell wall . . osmosis. b) Tbe diffusion of CO , . . tbe entry of CO , into the cell. 60 c) Th e absorption of sunlight , , , the action of photosynthesis. d ) The forma tion of carbohydrates, , , the ac tion of photosynt hesis, e) T he action of enzymes . . the conve rsion of starch to sugar.

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