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By Stephen Kinloch Pichat

ISBN-10: 071465731X

ISBN-13: 9780714657318

A clean exam of the origins, evolution and way forward for proposals for a UN 'Legion' - an everlasting army strength recruited, informed and deployed through the UN.

This new e-book indicates how this proposal has grown, re-emerged and developed in direct reference to the advance of UN overseas army forces. The legionnaires were visible because the destiny representatives of a latest constabulary, foreign police or humanitarian chivalry. they've got additionally at all times evoked the assumption of mercenaries and resurrected fears of supranational executive and a 'world army'. this sort of strength has been impossible while wanted, now not wanted while possible, revealing the deficiencies of the overseas approach within the viewpoint of a selected activity. the assumption highlights the inadequacy of the ability in comparison to the goals, and the bounds of the UN's potential to evolve itself to new demanding situations.

This learn examinmes how the undertaking of a UN 'Legion' is conditional at the viability of the unique Utopia, and vice versa. It additionally argues that the extraordinary polarization of the controversy could replicate an inclination to negate the inherent contradictions of fact, reminding us of the historic size of the construction of a global association, a 'work in progress'.

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104–5. , pp. 77–8. , pp. 79, 86. , pp. 86–7. , p. 87. See Comments and Proposed Amendments Concerning the Dumbarton Oaks Proposals Submitted by the Delegations to the United Nations Conference on International Organization (San Francisco, CA: 7 May 1945). R. B. Russell, United Nations Experience with Military Forces: Political and Legal Aspects (Washington, DC: The Brookings Institution, 1964), p. 1. P. E. Corbett, The Dumbarton Oaks Plan, Memorandum 13 (New Haven, CT: Yale Institute of International Studies, 25 November 1944), p.

The prospect that strong states may evade their military obligations at the time of crisis was a decisive argument for an international police to be directly recruited. The international police would be charged to uphold the security of states 22 A UN ‘Legion’: Between Utopia and Reality and public life, on the one hand, and to protect persons and property, on the other, enabled by a strike force comprising infantry, tanks, artillery, engineers and supply. A quota force would be set up within the individual Member States of the United States of Europe.

It was also an attempt to embody one of the main lessons that had been learned from the recent conflict: in extreme cases, no single power was strong enough to enforce peace. Above all, the organization had been designed to minimize the risk of a Third World War; thus the expectations raised by it were immense. 1 The test of the UN’s first military experiments would be decisive, leading to the first attempts – and failures – to establish a directly recruited force by and for the organization. In the very first years of its existence, two major crises calling for new approaches to the question of international force would challenge the ability of the UN to carry out missions: the Arab invasion of Palestine in mid-May 1948 and the North Korean attack of 25 June 1950.

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A UN 'Legion': Between Utopia and Reality by Stephen Kinloch Pichat

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