Max Planck's A Survey of Physical Theory [a.k.a. A Survey of Physics] PDF

By Max Planck

The publication is a compilation of Max Planck's essays in line with an unique German assortment from 1922, released as 'Physikalische rundblicke. Gesammelte reden und aufsätze'.
The first variation of the English model used to be initially released in 1925 as 'A Survey of Physics', and reprinted by means of Dover because 1960 less than the identify 'A Survey of actual Theory'. The version on which the resource experiment is predicated isn't dated, and next to 1960.

The e-book is a part of a five volumes [UL] 'series' of Max Planck's essays at the philosophy of physics to be had in English on P2P venues. In approximate chronological order, the 'series' contains of:

1. in advance of 1922: A Survey of actual concept [orig Ger. ed. 1922; 1st En. ed. 1925; used ed. repr. 1960 or later n.d.]
File: Planck Philosophical Essays in English P2P customized ed. Vol. 1. ahead of 1922 [A Survey of actual Theory][UL]
2. Later than 1922, ahead of 1933: The Philosophy of Physics [orig. Ger. ed. 1933; 1st En. ed. 1936; used ed. repr. 1963]
File: Planck Philosophical Essays in English P2P customized ed. Vol. 2. Later than 1922, prior to 1933 [The Philosophy of Physics][UL]
3. 1926, 1929: The Universe within the mild of recent Physics [orig. Ger. ed. 1926, 1929; 1st En. ed. & used ed. 1931]
File: Planck Philosophical Essays in English P2P customized ed. Vol. three. 1926, 1929 [The Universe within the gentle of recent Physics][UL]
4. in advance of 1932: the place Is technology Going? [orig. Ger. ed. undetermined; 1st En. ed. & used ed. 1932]
File: Planck Philosophical Essays in English P2P customized ed. Vol. four. ahead of 1932 [Where Is technology Going][UL]
5. 1947, 1948: medical Autobiography And different Papers [orig. Ger. eds. 1947, 1949; 1st En ed. 1950; used ed. n.d.]
File: Planck Philosophical Essays in English P2P customized ed. Vol. five. 1947, 1949 [Scientific Autobiography And different Papers][UL]
A single-file model of all five books (filename "Planck's Philosophical Essays in English P2P customized ed. Vols. 1-5 [1908-1948][UL]") is accessible in basic terms as html.

The volumes of this 'series' are all on hand on Library Genesis in html, epub and pdf. For ease of id, the 'edition' box is marked 'Planck Philosophical Essays in English P2P customized Ed Vx [UL]'.

For information, see the 'About' element of the respective epub or html records (for pdfs, 'Properties' for an abridged information).

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To illustrate this more clearly, may I present a straightforward comparison. Let us consider a sheet of water in which strong winds have produced high waves. After the wind has completely died down, 50 the waves will continue for an appreciable time and move from one shore to the other. But a certain characteristic change will take place. The energy of the big, long waves will be trans­ formed, to an ever-increasing extent, into the energy of small short waves, particularly when beating against the shore or some other rigid obstacle.

Michelson, who compared the velocity of propagation of light parallel to the direction of motion of the earth and at right angles to it. In this work, the relations are so extremely simple and the methods of measurement so extraordinarily delicate, that any effect of the motion of the earth must have been detected. Such an effect could not be discovered. Considering this state of affairs, so very difficult and mysteri­ ous in theoretical physics, it is not unnatural to wonder whether it would not have been better to attack the problem from a quite different point of view.

It needed the comprehensive analysis and the inflexible optimism of a Ludwig Boltzmann not only to reconcile the atomic theory with the second law of thermo-dynamics, but also to explain for the first time the fundamental basis of the second law by means of the atomic theory. All these difficult questions were easily settled, or rather they did not exist for the adherents of pure thermo­ dynamics, who did not recognize the necessity of reducing thermal and chemical energy to mechanical, but accepted the assumption that energy could take different forms—a circum­ stance which caused Boltzmann to remark that the kinetic theory of gases seemed to him to be going out of fashion.

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