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This attention-grabbing booklet offers the actual and mathematical history for a conception describing the universe as a quantum superfluid, and the way darkish power and darkish topic come up. proposing a singular concept spanning many various fields in physics, the foremost thoughts in each one box are introduced.The reader is barely anticipated to grasp the rudiments of condensed topic physics, quantum box thought and normal relativity to discover this attention-grabbing new version of darkish subject and darkish strength as features of a cosmic superfluid.

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Lower panel) Actual photographs of a reconnection event in superfluid helium [3]. Before Eject After (a) (b) Fig. 4 (a) Reconnection of two vortex lines, which subsequently spring away from each other at high speed, creating two jets of energy. (b) Magnetic reconnections in the Sun produce solar flares [4]. page 24 July 18, 2016 15:12 ws-book9x6 A Superfluid Universe Quantum turbulence master 25 necessary, before reconnecting. 12) The reconnection process has been studied numerically using the GP equation [5], and using Schwarz’s equations [6].

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