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By Johanna Laybourn-Parry BSc, MSc, PhD (auth.)

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General Editor: Peter Calow, division of Zoology, collage of Sheffield, England the most objective of this sequence should be to demonstrate and to provide an explanation for the best way organisms 'make a residing' in nature. on the middle of this - their func­ tional biology - is the best way organisms collect after which utilize assets in metabolism, stream, progress, replica, and so forth. those strategies will shape the basic framework of the entire books within the sequence. every one publication will pay attention to a specific taxon (species, relatives, type or perhaps phylum) and may assemble details at the shape, body structure, ecology and evolutionary biology of the crowd. the purpose should be not just to explain how organisms paintings, but in addition to contemplate why they've got come to paintings in that method. through focusing on taxa that are popular, it's was hoping that the sequence won't basically illustrate the luck of choice, but in addition exhibit the restrictions imposed upon it by way of the physiological, morphological and developmental limita­ tions of the teams. one other vital function of the sequence might be its organismic orienta­ tion. each one ebook will emphasise the significance of useful integra­ tion within the day by day lives and the evolution of organisms. this can be the most important considering that, although it can be real that organisms may be regarded as collections of gene-determined qualities, they however engage with their setting as built-in wholes and it truly is during this context that exact characteristics were subjected to common choice and feature evolved.

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The suctorian Ciliophora do not exhibit the typical ciliate cytostome, here each feeding tentacle being essentially a mouth. The Sarcodina and many of the flagellates have no mouth, although in each group there are some species which take food into the cell through a particular region on the cell surface. The quantity of energy ingested and very often the feeding behaviour, are subject to modification by biological and environmental factors in all free-living Protozoa. B. Modes of Feeding (i) Protozoa with a Cytostome or Cell Mouth The cytostome is the usual form of mouth encountered among ciliates and some flagellates, but the tentacles of the suctorians are also cell mouths of a very different structure.

The fact that various species exploit different size spectra of food particles explains in part why so many ciliates are able to cohabit in protozoan communities, since they will not necessarily be exploiting the same bacteria as food. Food selection in Stentor was investigated during the early part of How Protozoa Obtain Energy 53 this century by Schaeffer (1910). From his elegant experiments Schaeffer showed that this large omnivorous ciliate exercises selection among the particles that are brought to its cytostome by the ciliary current.

The microtubules in the terminal knob bend along their longitudinal axes and splay apart at levels above the sleeve as their tips move downwards and outwards. Thus a large area of knob is extended into the prey, presumably facilitating the uptake of material. 11: A cross·section of the Shaft of a Resting Tentacle of Tokophrya. OT - outer tubules, TR - inner tubule ring, V - dense vesicles in the lumen of the tentacle. Source: Based on Tucker (1974). 12: The Terminal Portion of the Tentacle of the Suctorian Tokophrya.

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