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Description: Two quarterbacks kneel with their left knee up (left foot just outside the line to ensure proper open hip action), seven to eight yards apart. The quarterbacks execute proper over-the-top pass delivery action with proper index finger follow-through to the opposite quarterback's nose. After a sufficient number of repetitions, the quarterbacks switch to a double knee kneel action and then to the right knee up. When both knees are down, the quarterback actually falls to the ground as he rolls into the throw with his belly and chest.

The coach should help develop the proper sense of the quick timing or release needed in this shortened area of the field off of two-, three-, and quick five-step drops. Page 26 Drill #17: Down the Line Move Pass Drill Objective: To practice on-the-move passing. Equipment Needed: One football per two quarterbacks; lined field. Description: Two quarterbacks start on the sideline, each on a yard line 10 yards apart. The quarterback with the football jogs in place until the other quarterback runs out in front of him approximately five yards.

Description: Off of three-, five-, or seven-step timed drops (or any other drop back, move, sprint-out, roll-out or play action), two quarterbacks practice their individual intermediate pass route passing to all receiving positions at the same time. A manager should help assist in the return of the footballs so that as may passes can be thrown as possible in the allotted time period. Throws should be made equally to the left and right. Left hash, right hash and middle of the field considerations should be made.

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